Friday, October 12, 2007

Hollow Earth radio interview part 1

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This is part one of our radio interview on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory about the Hollow Earth Theory and our book: The Land of No Horizon.

In this section we give a short overview of our book and introduce the Hollow Earth Theory. We give some insight as to how a planet becomes externally dense during the early accretion phase of it's development. A brief description of the internal environment within the Earth is given along with some workings of the central sun. We go into some detail about the central sun and the magnetism it generates - from a nuclear reaction. Problems with the currently excepted dynamo theory are discussed.

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Daniel D. Ziegler said...

Beginning with an explanation into the effects of gravity on large celestial bodies, the authors show how the hollow earth developed. Once this is establshed, it is not hard to fit the rest of the pieces together, including the story of The Flood, to show how a somewhat misfit of a race, humankind, ended up ruling earth's surface. To me the pieces fit far better than with other authors who speculate that humanity was seeded from extraterrestrial beings.
Dan, Southfield, Michigan, USA